After fifteen years of art consulting to private collectors in the Principality of Monaco, Clara Pacifico and Stéphane Mascarenhas opened nm> contemporary gallery in 2017 to represent Italian emergent and established contemporary art abroad including all disciplines : video, photography, painting, scultpure, performance. The gallery opens its space also to foreign artists, writers and musicians.
The 2018 Calendar includes seven one man shows focused on the theme : « The relation between art and science ». The gallery has fourteen artists who exhibited in Biennales and museums.
On the occasion of Monaco Art Week and artmonte-carlo the gallery will present the show « RUBEDO » by young talented Leonardo Petrucci from the Rome artistic pole « Pastificio Cerere » who has hosted since many years the most prominent Italian artists from the School of Rome.
The show presents a new series of works by Leonardo Petrucci especially conceived for MONACO ART WEEK.


Works by Leonardo Petrucci

Text by the astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, Virtual Telescope Project, Rome

nm>contemporary presents the exhibition “Rubedo” by Leonardo Petrucci, especially conceived for Monaco Art Week and artmonte-carlo.
Leonardo Petrucci is a young Italian artist belonging to the artistic pole named « Pastificio Cerere » in Rome.
He had a one man show at Baruchello Foundation in Rome in 2016 and will present  « Rubedo » in Monaco at the same time as the Baruchello exhibition at Villa Arson in Nice.
This liaison among the roman institution and that of Nice will allow the public of Monaco Art Week and artmonte-carlo 2018 to discover the continuity between a young talent and an important artist such as Gianfranco Baruchello, close to Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Lacan, Pierre Restany and the French New Realists.
The title “Rubedo” recalls the third and last phase of alchemic transmutation.
During this phase, the matter becomes red and gets to the absolute perfection gaining a cosmic purity.
The exhibition is a synthesis of the alchemic process leading the visitor through two rooms.
Black is the dominant color of the first room and represents the Nigredo, the first alchemic phase, which means corruption and imperfection.
The works displayed recall geometrical solids whose symmetry is build and destroyed to evoke the contrast between limits and infinity.
In the second room the viewer experiences the matter’s purification walking in a red light ambience where a series of carpets, hand made by Indian artisans, reproduce faithfully the first images of Mars surface, taken by Rover Curiosity (NASA) in 2012.
The astronomic aspect of the show is a metaphor of the alchemist research of a new dimension, a pioneering action which makes the visitor direct protagonist of the first step on the new planet and a new mystical world.


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